Advertisement is a means to aware, educate & persuade the customer. The traditional definition limits itself to this. The modern definition envelops many processes like recognition, recall, consumer behavior, relationship, etc that gives a new face to the advertisement. The transit from traditional to modern witnessed the emergence of electronic media. In one way or the other electronic media has evolved the advertising industry. The media which uses electronic energy to transmit information to the end user is called electronic media. It appears as TV, radio, internet, computer, telegraph, etc. Electronic Media Advertising plays significant role in the marketing campaign. Also it is more effective than others.

Electronic media is the exaggerated improved face of our elongated desires. They conceived revolution in media field via inventing mass-media devices such as television, radio, telephone and internet connectivity. These have created a web where the entire world is gripped into the fist of electronic media services in Jalgaon.

Electronic Media Services as follows:
  • Audio Ads ( F.M Radio & Akashwani )
  • Video Ads (T.V Channels )
  • Voice Over Ads ( Vioce of Male & Female )
  • Theatre Ads ( Photo Ads, Voice Over & Video Ads )
Electronic Media Agency