We are nationally recognized event planning & organising company based in Jalgaon. We started with a purpose to provide one stop solutions for all your Event-related worries. This is the best Event Management Agency in Jalgaon, you will find, period. We’ve always prided ourselves on being more than just event orgainser firm.

Many companies we deal with have a need to promote new products both internally to their own organization and externally to their clients, buyers, dealer or press. Professionally we elevate your presentation with simple set and staging. With proper light effects, sound, data backup and professional technical advice.

We ensure success of any conferences or seminars by well crafted event planning and implementing & reviewing that’s our strength. Our ability to get into the minutest of the details enables us to secure & handle every aspect right from hospitality to the most advanced technical requirements of any conference or seminar.

we can tailor the pieces of the framework that are necessary to help you create the bonds of customer loyalty with your customers. We conceptualize event on the basis of products offered by organization to customers and dealers. Showcasing of products with professional models elevates the visibility & prominence of any product. To get desired visibility amongst the target audience it is of paramount importance. Fashion Shows works very well any event requires that glamour flick be it Customer Dealer Meets, Product Launches.

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